Felt-tip pens and fineliners

Felt-tip pens can add color to all your projects

Felt-tip pens are unbelievably versatile writing implements for adding a bit of color to your creative projects. They are easy to use, dry quickly and can also be used immediately on the go because felt-tip pens come ready for use. The ink soaked refill ensures an even application of color. They can be used for sketching, comics, mangas, coloring and even for special effects like color mixes. Felt-tip pens are therefore ideal for your individual creative projects.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for felt-tip pens and fineliners for your creative projects.


10 products

Have Fun @ Home Set Pastels
Brush Pen & Marker

Have Fun @ Home Set Pastels

Just open it and get started – the creative set for your pastel artworks at an attractive price. Only available for a short time.
MONO drawing pen single
Felt-tip pen & Fineliner

MONO drawing pen single

The fineliner for exact lines is available in three line widths and rich black. Long metal tip particularly suitable for stencils and rulers.
Line width selectable
MONO edge set of 6
Felt-tip pen & Fineliner

MONO edge set of 6

Innovative dual-tip highlighter with protected tips, especially suitable for creative purposes.
MONO edge single colors
Felt-tip pen & Fineliner

MONO edge single colors

Innovative dual-tip highlighter with protected tips, especially suitable for creative purposes.
Available in various colours
TwinTone set of 12
Felt-tip pen & Fineliner

TwinTone set of 12

Marker TwinTone with two tips - 0.3 mm fineliner, 0.8mm bullet tip. 3 different sets of 12 available.
Available in various colours
TwinTone single colors
Felt-tip pen & Fineliner

TwinTone single colors

Marker TwinTone with two tips - 0.3 mm fineliner, 0.8mm bullet tip. Available in 36 colors.
Available in various colours
Urban Sketching Set
Brush Pen & Marker

Urban Sketching Set

Basic equipment for the Urban Sketching Set with exclusive instructions from the artist Carla Kamphuis.

Felt-tip pens paint reliably in the chosen color and water-based felt-tip pens can even be mixed. You can use them immediately and they are available with different tips made of high quality fibres so you can use to them to color, draw, write and highlight.

Felt-tip pens are your paint box to go.

Draw mandalas, color in cartoons, do technical drawings or urban sketching – felt-tip pens and fineliners are perfect for this

Felt-tip pens come with various tips for different applications. Felt-tip pens with a particularly fine tip of up to 0.5 millimetres are normally referred to as fineliners. Fineliners in different widths are suitable for fine gradations of the lines, such as in technical drawing or sketching.

There are also felt-tip pens with chisel tips available, such as the MONO edge, which can be used to highlight and underline.

Here, you can find an overview of the various tips on the felt-tip pens and fineliners:

Felt-tip pens with two different tips are practical and economic – and will save space in your pencil case.

Both tips also share the same ink reservoir. This means that one tip never runs out before the other.

    Depending on the felt-tip pen you choose, you can do the following with it

    • Draw
    • Write in color
    • Hatch
    • color two-dimensionally
    • Sketch

    The advantage of felt-tip pens and fineliners with water-based ink

    The ink in felt-tip pens and fineliners can be water-based, alcohol-based or oil-based. The advantage of water-based ink is that the colors can be mixed together easily. The color also does not penetrate the paper, which is of particular advantage when used in notebooks such as for bullet journaling.

    The invention of the felt-tip pen

    The first felt-tip pens were actually made with felt. Various manufacturers experimented with materials, inks and pen shapes. The refill in a felt-tip is saturated with ink and feeds it to the tip. This enables consistent quality work even in longer projects. In Japan, felt-tip pens therefore attracted great interest because e.g. ballpoint pens were not well suited to Japanese characters, which are based on brushstrokes.

    The material used in the felt-tip pen tip proved to be too rough at first and underwent continuous development. Today, specialist synthetic fibres are used that ensure a defined, clean line. Felt-tip pens for individual applications can thus be developed from the fibre material. Felt-tip pens were immediately extremely popular – in creative professions as well as in the office, because the tip makes it easy to write on paper and cardboard at all angles and even above your head.

    These are the felt-tip pens you need for your creative projects

    Different pens are often used in the course of one project. Preliminary drawings are usually done using a pencil. This makes it easy to alter and correct them – and even erase them if you’re not sure. When you’re happy with the outline, you can trace it using a black felt-tip pen. But this isn’t a must and it depends on the style. You can also draw the outline in a shade that matches the color family of the color you’re using. Tone-in-tone drawings for which there is no outline are also possible.

    TwinTone: Felt-tip pen and fineliner in one

    Double fibre pens such as the TwinTone are available in a wide range of 36 colors, including many pastel shades. Because the TwinTone is available in widths of 0.8 mm and 0.3 mm, it is ideal for many applications such as journaling, sketchnoting, doodling or lettering. It is thus a felt-tip pen and fineliner in one – this saves space in your pencil case and the pens can be used for a varied range of applications. The joint ink reservoir guarantees that you can use both tips until the reservoir is exhausted.

    Thanks to the water-based ink which doesn’t penetrate most types of paper, the TwinTone is ideally suited for working in books and notebooks.

    This is perfect for e.g. bullet journaling because you normally want to use all the pages and back pages of your journal. This is economical on the one hand and also gives the journal its special dense character.

    Colorful felt-tip pens with two tips for creative work and labelling

    A broad color palette makes working with felt-tip pens a lot of fun. When shading, you can work with various color values and in this way realise beautiful gradations.

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    MONO drawing pens: pigment-based fineliners for drawing and writing

    If you want to create technical drawings, illustrations, outlines, comics, manga, sketchnotes, doodling or urban sketching, fineliners such as the MONO drawing pen are very well suited. Many creative people also prefer using a fineliner to sketch because they encourage very conscious and focused work – because in contrast to pencils, the lines cannot be erased.

    If you use a ruler or template to draw, a drawing pen with a long metal sleeve at the tip is perfect. You can then apply the tip directly to the paper and work very precisely while still protecting the sensitive fibres – plus keep the ruler or template clean. The ink in Drawing Pens is pigment-based and water-based.

    To create different line thicknesses, there are a range of fine tips on the Drawing Pens to choose from. The MONO drawing pen is available in the three thicknesses 01, 03 and 05. The numbers refer to the width of the tip in millimetres: 01 corresponds to a line thickness of 0.24 mm, 02 corresponds to 0.35 mm and 05 corresponds to 0.46 mm.


    Urban Sketching with fineliners

    In urban sketching, you draw an urban scene: Houses, roads, lanterns, trees or vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you add people in or not. The drawing can reproduce the scene in all its details or focus on a subject that serves as the centre of attention. You can of course then color in the drawing as well.

    Markers with various tips for highlighting and writing

    The bright colors of the markers are perfectly suited for color coding and decorating schedules, journals, notebooks or for particularly intensive illustrations. Thanks to the water-based ink, which dries very quickly, they don’t show through most kinds of paper.

    Markers are particularly well known for their special chisel tips that can be used to introduce highlights and markings. There are, however, also markers such as the MONO edge with an additional fineliner tip for use in the creative sector. Markers with two tips are particularly practical for many applications. The chisel tip on the MONO edge is encased in a protective plastic sleeve, which keeps the ruler and stencils clean. It also ensures that the tip remains protected when placed against a ruler.

    Oil-based markers that are capable of writing on different materials, such as the MONO twin, can also have different tips: a wide tip and a fineliner tip that allows you to make very fine inscriptions.

    Felt-tip pens with a brush tip, the so-called Brush Pens, that you can use to illustrate and write with in a punchy way and which are also wonderfully suitable for handlettering.

    Have fun – and stay creative.

    Get creative with our Fineliners + Felt-tip pens. 
    In our magazine you will find many examples.