The Wood Story

Discover the harmony of Nature in every stroke with the Ki-Monogatari series.

Welcome to the world of Ki-Monogatari, Wood Story series, where every pencil tells a story of sustainability and creativity. Our eco-friendly color and graphite pencils are crafted using sustainable techniques that reflect our commitment to protecting forests worldwide. Each pencil is a masterpiece, promoting a harmonious connection with nature while ensuring high-quality performance for both artists and writers.

Did you know...

that Ki-Monogatari 木物語 means "Wood Story" in Japanese?


Why choose Ki-Monogatari series?


  • Sustainable Craftsmanship: Our pencils are made from sustainably sourced wood or with techniques designed to reduce waste, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging: Packaging is made from recycled paper or designed to be reusable, highlighting our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.
  • Exceptional Quality: Designed for artists, hobbyists and everyday users, our pencils are built to deliver high-quality performance, making them the perfect tool for all your creative needs.

Ki-Monogatari Color Pencils

Get creative with the new Ki-Monogatari color pencils. Choose from sets of 12 or 24 pencils, each packaged in a high quality metal box. These pencils are perfect for your next outdoor sketching adventure.

Each pencil features a beautifully finished surface that highlights the warm wood grain and offers a soft, comfortable touch. Furthermore, the set of 24 includes special colors like white and gold, offering unique shades to enhance your artwork.

Embrace eco-friendly creativity and step with us into a greener future
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PEFC certified wood

We use wood from forests that are certified for proper management. When you choose pencils made from PEFC-certified materials, you are actively contributing to the preservation of forests worldwide.

Soft drawing feeling

The wax lead is particularly soft, allowing the color to be applied easily and evenly for smooth, vibrant results. This ensures minimal streaking and excellent blending, perfect for creating rich, multi-layered artwork. The pencils offer excellent opacity and are therefore ideal for creating bright drawings.

Reusable metal tin

The elegant metal box keeps your pencils organized and safe. It is perfect for on-the-go and ensures that your pencils are always ready when you are. In addition, this reusable box offers long-lasting protection and combines sustainability with convenience.

Ki-Monogatari Eco Pencils

The Ki-Monogatari recycled pencil sets offer a versatile collection of 12 high-quality graphite pencils and three grades (HB, B, 2B), ensuring a long lasting supply for personal, academic, or professional needs.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, these graphite pencils utilize wood offcuts, significantly reducing waste and standing for eco-friendly practices. Additionaly, the set is thoughtfully packaged in environmentally conscious materials, making it a perfect choice for those who prioritize sustainability in their daily lives.

Made with "finger-joint" technique

The pencils are made using the innovative finger-joint technique. This method allows to take small pieces of wood and connect them into longer pieces. The edges are cut in a zigzag shape, similar to how fingers interlock when you clasp your hands together. Thanks to this technique we are making the most out of every tree, reducing waste and respecting nature.

Made with recycled graphite


The Ki-Monogatari pencils stand out due to its unique use of recycled graphite. Graphite produced as a by-product in the manufacturing process of the factory is separated and refined further. The graphite is then used for high-purity recycled leads.

Sustainable packaging


The packaging of Ki-Monogatari graphite pencils is made from 100% recycled paper. This environmentally friendly approach ensures that the entire product, from the pencils to the packaging, supports responsible consumption and the reduction of waste.