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In times like these, in particular, we like to dream about faraway beaches or even plan for our next trip. We’ll go through old vacation photos and for one or two of them, we might even ask ourselves, ‘where were these taken?’ In situations like this, a travel journal can be just the right thing for you.

What exactly is a travel journal? What materials do I need? If you’re asking these kinds of questions, you’ve come to the right place.

The Travel Journal – Your Companion on All Your Journeys

A trip usually begins before you take your first step. We research the country and its people, look for places of interest and plan our route. At this stage, it’s helpful to collect all the information in one place. Your travel journal can serve as this place. You can customize it to your needs. Whether you want to create simple to-do lists or draw artistic maps, its design is up to you.

As soon as you set off on your journey, your travel journal is the place where you can write down your thoughts and impressions. We often experience so many new things in foreign countries that it’s difficult to remember every detail once you return home. Thus, it can be helpful to sit down during a quiet moment and write down what you experienced during the day. You can leave room for special snapshots and either glue them in right away if you have an instant camera or take care of it later. Even things like tickets or other small souvenirs can be immortalized in your travel journal. Thus, it can serve as a place of reflection while at the same time being a wonderful, personalized travel souvenir.

After your trip is over, if you ever find yourself sitting at home filled with wanderlust on a dreary day, all you have to do is open your travel journal to experience your vacation again. Regardless of prevailing opinions, it is your personal travelogue. Perhaps even during your trip, you’ll want to write down a tip or two for your next vacation planning.

What materials do I need for a travel journal?

Together with Anne Broszies, also known as bujotrulla on Instagram, we have put together a set that contains all the materials you need for a travel journal.

The Book

With 128 pages, the DIN A5 notebook from brandbook offers you sufficient space for your travel experiences. On the fold-out world map at the beginning of the book, you can mark your favorite travel destinations. The bright white paper with a dotted pattern is​perfect for giving your creativity free reign.

The Markers

The set contains 4 TwinTone felt-tip markers and a creative MONO edge highlighter.

"With the TwinTone markers, you are perfectly equipped for every occasion. In addition to a 0.8 mm round tip, they also contain a 0.3 mm fineliner tip, which makes them flexible for a variety of uses and saves space at the same time. The creative MONO edge highlighter also has this property. In addition to the chisel tip, it has a 0.4 mm fineliner tip for adding notes. Both pens contain water-based ink and won’t bleed through most paper types. "

A Tape Roll

When you’re on a trip, you collect numerous memories, such as tickets, photos or flyers. In order to immortalize them in your travel journal easily and immediately, we have included the Tombow PN-IP adhesive tape in the set. The 16 m long adhesive tape is particularly suitable for precise adhesive edges on the borders of photos or similar. If it runs out, simply fill it with the PR-IP refill.

The Travel Journal in Use

Anne has designed a page for you using the trendy city of Rijeka as an example. Just watch the video to discover how she uses the various materials from the travel journal set.

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About the author


- Anne Broszies

My name is Anne, I am 33 years old and live with my partner, our son and our two dogs in a small village near Erfurt in Thuringia. My main job is as a state-approved occupational therapist in a day care centre for dementia patients. Since 2018 I have been working as a bujotrulla in a sideline business, designing and illustrating for my clients for private or advertising purposes.  

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