Autumnal window decorations

Find out how to create autumnal window decorations made from homemade umbrellas.

The temperatures start to fall, it gets dark earlier and on some days, the weather forces us inside our cosy homes. To capture the autumn feel indoors, our craft professional Katharina Pasternak a.k.a. Leelah loves has conjured up some autumnal window decorations made from umbrellas for you. In 6 simple steps, she explains how you can make these DIY window decorations yourself. 

You will need these materials to make your autumnal window decorations from umbrellas :

How to make it: 

Step 1: Basis of the umbrella
For each umbrella, you’ll need 8 circles with a diameter of 11cm made from thin coloured card. You can either create a circle template with a compass and use it as a template or you can print our template directly on the paper and cut out the circles. 

Step 2:
Fold the circles twice in the middle to create a quarter circle.

Step 3:
The circles are then glued together with two thin strokes. The thin tip of the MONO multi liquid glue is very suitable for this because you can use it to glue very precisely.


(A) First open the circle completely and draw a line of glue from the outside to the middle. Then fold the circle in half.

(B) Repeat this process and fold the half circle into a quarter. In the picture you can see the glue line in red and the folding line in orange. 
As you only glue a thin line instead of the whole surface, the umbrella will fan out nicely at the end. 

Step 4:
To join the 8 quarter circles together, draw a thin glue line again in the middle of the quarter circle.

Glue the individual umbrella components together.

Tip: Leave the glue to dry for a short while before you fan out your umbrella. 

Step 5: The umbrella handle
While the glue dries, you can focus on the handle for the umbrella. Use pliers to form a handle from the wire on one side and a small loop at the top to hang the umbrella.

Step 6:
Finally, glue the wire to the middle of the umbrella. By applying a final glue line, you close your quarter circles and the umbrella is complete.

Now all you have to do is hang up the finished umbrellas. Different lengths of string will break up the overall image a bit.

You can hang the umbrellas on a curtain rod or on a small branch. 

Have fun – and stay creative.

About the author 

Leelah Loves

- Katharina Pasternak

Katharina Pasternak is a creative all-rounder. With her distinctive style and great love of detail, Katharina develops ideas related to the themes of DIY, interior, garden and cooking and publishes them on her blog. She also works as a photographer for furnishing magazines and books, as a stylist and as a content creator for companies, as well as for Tombow! 

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