MONO zero eraser

Erasing has never been so precise.

All product features at a glance

Round or rectangular?

No matter which you chose, they’re precise! The MONO zero erasers are available in two tip versions: A round tip (2.3 mm diameter) or a rectangular tip (2.5 mm x 5 mm).


They can be refilled at any time with the ER-KUR (round tip) and ER-KUS (rectangular tip).

Metal chamber

Thanks to the long metal chamber, the MONO zero remains slim but is still stable. At the same time, you get a clear view of the paper, allowing you to erase with a high degree of precision.

Trigger mechanism

Thanks to the trigger mechanism with a short interval, you always maintain control over the length of the eraser and can prevent it from breaking off.

Erasing has never been so colorful.

Erasing has never been so elegant.