Make your own mobile phone holder

Organise your desk – make your own individual mobile phone holder

Do you constantly lose your mobile under a big stack of papers on your desk, are you looking for a stylish desk accessory or do you simply love organisation? – Then our individual mobile phone holder is exactly the right thing for you! With this, you’ll never lose sight of your mobile and you can give the holder a new design whenever you want. Our DIY professional Katharina Pasternak from Leelah loves will show you how to make one in just 5 steps!  


These are the materials you need to make a mobile phone holder: 

How to make it: 

Step 1: Create the basic shape

The mobile phone holder comprises just 2 basic elements. For the main shape, transfer the measurements from the photo onto the greyboard and cut both elements out. Then carefully cut out the drawn slot using the cutter.

You can find the template with original dimensions to print out here. Either print it onto A3 paper or use two sheets of A4 and then stick them together.

Step 2: Prepare the stand base

To make the stand base, you must fold the grey cardboard at the 9.5 cm and 6 cm markings. 

Step 3:Customise the design

To give your mobile phone holder an individual style, you can glue some coloured paper or patterned paper of your choice to the basic shape. The best thing to use is our glue roller PN-JP on the edges of the basic shape. Glue rollers are particularly good for glueing straight edges of paper.

But be warned: Make sure that you fold the cardboard as you glue it, otherwise there will be too much tension on the paper and it will tear.

Step 4: Cover the greyboard

Now you can cut the corners of your coloured paper in order to fold it over and glue it using the MONO MULTI liquid glue. Thanks to the two tips, you can glue large areas quickly. Make sure to open up the slot again with the cutter.

Coloured paper must also be glued to the second smaller element (6 x 8 cm) so that no more greyboard is visible.

Cut a small piece (4 cm x 8.5 cm) from the coloured paper to cover it.

Step 5:Put the mobile phone holder together 

Fold the large element so that a triangle is created from the various parts. Use the remaining piece as a connecting element to hold the various sides together. The thin tip of the MONO MULTI liquid glue is particularly helpful for applying the adhesive precisely.
Finally, insert the small piece of glued greyboard through the slot. You can now store your mobile here.

Tip: If you make the holder a bit wider, you could also use it to hold a tablet or cookbook while you’re in the kitchen. 

Have fun – and stay creative.

About the author 

Leelah Loves

- Katharina Pasternak

Katharina Pasternak is a creative all-rounder. With her distinctive style and great love of detail, Katharina develops ideas related to the themes of DIY, interior, garden and cooking and publishes them on her blog. She also works as a photographer for furnishing magazines and books, as a stylist and as a content creator for companies, as well as for Tombow! 

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