Free Lettering Templates

You are looking for new lettering motifs?  Here you will find new letterings every month including inspiration for a suitable color combination. Download the template to trace and practice or just use the examples as inspiration. Ideal for beginners or advanced letterers.

How do you work with templates?

Print the template out and hatch the back side using a soft pencil that contains a lot of graphite such as a pencil in the hardness 2B or 3B.

Tip: If you hold the pencil at an angle, you’ll cover a larger area and be faster.

By the way, the rear part of the MONO 100 has been shaped in such a way that when the pen is held flat (e.g. when hatching) or when it is used heavily, the pen still lies comfortably in the hand due to the soft rounding of the end piece.

Then place the template with the hatched surface down on the watercolor paper and follow the contours with the pencil. You don’t have to trace every single popcorn. The rough structures are usually sufficient and you can then incorporate your own style. Make sure you don’t exert too much pressure and create annoying grooves in the paper that the water could collect in later. 

Tip: Hold one corner of the template and look carefully under it first to see if everything has been transferred.