MONO twin

The MONO twin marker is your everyday hero. You can enter new appointments on your big wall calendar and then label the storage jars and lunch boxes immediately thereafter. The different line widths of the two tips give you a lot of options. The tips also show their strength in the creative field. Perhaps you have only practiced your lettering on paper and cardboard to date. Now with the MONO twin, you can transform other materials into creative works of art as well. Wood, cork, glass... The possibilities are practically endless.

The MONO twin marker provides you with maximum creativity thanks to its two tips (measuring approx. 0.8 mm and approx. 0.4 mm) and its oil-based ink. The waterproof ink dries quickly and is suitable for use on various materials. It’s perfect for labeling, marking, and drawing contours!

The products

The MONO twin marker is available in three vibrant colors:

  • Black – the classic
  • Blue – for example, for maritime illustrations (available as of 07/01/2020)
  • Red – for example, for floral illustrations (available as of 07/01/2020)
Incl. Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
Incl. Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Discover Faux Calligraphy with HerrLetter and the MONO twin marker.


Thanks to its oil-based ink, the MONO twin marker can be used on various materials. This includes:









Tips & Tricks

The perfect substrate
Your results may vary depending on the substrate. Unlike with paint pens, you may have to draw on very smooth materials such as glass or porcelain a second time until the ink covers the surface. With very coarse substrates such as unpolished wood or coarsely porous cork, you may have to be patient, as the ink will need to penetrate the individual pores.

Regardless of the surface, it is important that the material is clean (e.g., dust-free).

Make a mistake?
The MONO twin dries quickly and is permanent. Nevertheless, mistakes can happen. You can clean smooth surfaces (such as glass) again using nail polish remover. It is recommended to test how your material reacts to the nail polish remover in an inconspicuous area beforehand.

Discover the MONO twin in use and create your own travel game.

Frequently asked questions

- To ensure that the MONO twin is dishwasher-proof, you will need to “bake” it in the oven at 350°F (180°C) for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you will be able to wash your porcelain in the dishwasher.

- You can use them to color on both cotton as well as polypropylene fabric. However, after you have colored the fabric, you should wash it before wearing the mask. If you wash it several times at 140°F (60°C) though, the color may fade.

- The best way to store the pens is to keep them in a dry location away from direct sunlight. It’s best to lie them flat. If you keep them upright, the top tip may dry out a little.

- Particularly when applying ink several times on thin paper or thin fabric, the MONO twin can bleed through. It is therefore recommended to put a second sheet underneath it to prevent this.