This is how to make a floral light chain

Make a chain of lights in 4 steps using paper, cardboard and paper cups

Light chains make summer nights even more atmospheric. Create a light chain with pretty paper lampshades – a great decoration for a balcony or garden during the day. Simply glue the small paper lampshades together with a glue roller then they will hold together strongly and reliably even if you roll them. You’ll love the glue roller because it makes handicrafts quick and easy and you don’t have to worry about clamps or drying times. Which means you can hang up your light chain straightaway.

To make your light chain, you’ll need:

  • Tombow glue tape Maxi Power Tape
  • Tombow pencil MONO 100
  • LED light chain
  • Paper Cups (one cup per light, plus one for the stencil)
  • Patterned Paper
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

This is how easy it is to make a light chain:

Step 1: Create a template for the patterned paper cups

Cut a cup to a height of around 6cm. Then cut open the cup and remove the base. Transfer the outline onto cardboard. Now you have a stencil for the rest of the cups.

Step 2: Make cardboard lampshades from the patterned paper

Transfer the stencil outline onto the patterned paper and cut it out. Place two strips of Maxi Power Tape on the cup at the top and bottom edges, and stick on the paper.

Step 3: Drill a small hole for the chain of lights into the bottom of the cup

Make a little hole in the bottom of the cup using the scissors so the lights can pass through.

Step 4: Put the light chain together

Now place your cups on the lights. Your atmospheric light string is now ready to decorate your garden or balcony!

Note: the light string is not weatherproof. Only use it outside if the weather is good. It’s best to take it down again after the party or a cosy summer evening, so the dew or rain doesn’t soften the beautiful paper. You can of course also use the chain of lights indoors too.

If you want to store the chain of lights, just stack the lampshades on top of each other.

Have fun – and stay creative.

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