The ABT PRO markers in 107 colors: Alcohol-based, strong in color and dynamic.

Together with professionals we developed ABT PRO, an alcohol-based marker, for professional use. With its two tips - and over 100 colors - you can express your creativity in an outstanding way. The ABT PRO’s ink flows slowly. As a result, the ink is easy to control and allows you to work with extreme precision. This is especially helpful for layering.

Product properties in detail

Two tips – fine, flexible brush tip and chisel tip

Available in 107 colors + Blender Pen

Easy-to-control ink flow facilitates several layers of color

Quick-drying alcohol-based ink

Slim pen form for a natural hold

Ideal for artists, designers, and creatives

Single pens and sets

Tombow ABT PRO Sets of 5

The ABT PRO sets of 5 are ideal for a first start. Except for Basic & Pastel Colors, the shades of the sets are matched to each other so that they can be blended perfectly.


Tombow ABT PRO Sets of 12

The ABT PRO sets of 12 combine different shades of a theme.



Tombow ABT PRO Sets

ABT PRO vs. ABT Dual Brush Pen

What is the difference between alcohol-based and water-based pencils? If you've ever asked yourself this question, check out Ludmila Blum's "coloring faces" tutorial.

To tutorial


ABT PRO Starter Set

If you are just starting to illustrate with alcohol-based pencils or you just want inspiration for your artwork, the ABT PRO Starter Set is for you! Tanja Geier explains step-by-step how to draw a cute pug or a delicious cappuccino. Maybe this will be the main motif of your next invitation card for a cozy coffee klatsch?



Inspiration & Tutorials

107 colors and blender for more variety in coloring

ABT PRO is available in 107 colors. Even more color gradations can be achieved by blending two colors together or brightening with the blender pen.

The color decision aid: ABT PRO Blending Overview & Color Tracker as a PDF download.

Many colors offer you greater scope for development. That's great. But a large variety of colors can sometimes become confusing. Especially, if you illustrate professionally, things must be done quickly, you don't want to spend a lot of time with searching. The ABT PRO Blending overview with all colors at a glance is specifically designed for this purpose. If you want to keep track of your own ABT PRO colors, you can print the ABT PRO Color Tracker and mark your own colors.

You can brighten up colors or use the blender pen for a touch of colors.

Check out the ABT PRO Color Tracker here.

The Blending Overivew - Find the perfect partner

To find the perfect partner for smooth blendings, you can use the ABT PRO blending overview. There we have summarised which colors can be blended within their colour families.

The letters in the overview stand for the respective color family. Each row in the color wheel can be well blended with each other in this order.  

Color family
YG = Yellow Green
Y = Yellow
YR = Yellow Red
R = Red
RV =Red Violet
V = Violet
BV = Blue Violet
B = Blue
BG = Blue Green
G = Green

Suitable paper for ABT PRO

First of all: there isn’t just “one” paper for the ABT PRO. However, it is important to use special paper with alcohol markers.

With printer paper or traditional journals, for example, alcohol-based ink bleeds through the paper. In the worst case, it can smudge onto the page underneath or the table. The type of paper also has an influence on the potential painting and drawing techniques you can use. Therefore marker, layout or Bristol paper should ideally be used. These papers are suited to use with markers but are all very different from one another.

Marker and layout paper

Marker and layout paper is usually very thin at approx. 70-75 g/m², but has the advantage that the ink does not bleed through due to the special way it is manufactured. Thanks to its coating, the ink is not absorbed immediately and takes longer to dry. This means that more time can be taking for blending. Since the color is still on the surface after drying, the colors are more intense. Marker and layout papers are ideal for creating sketches for architecture, fashion design or general sketching.

Bristol paper

At approx. 250 g/m², Bristol paper is made from a solid material. This is especially advantageous for a longer piece of work or erasing preliminary drawings, as it does not bend so easily. Bristol papers have a smooth surface which allows the marker to glide comfortably over them. In contrast to marker or layout paper, it is much more absorbent, which is especially advantageous for intensive layering such as with the drawing of illustrations, comics and mangas. Color intensity can also be achieved on Bristol paper through repeated application of color.

There are also individual differences within each category, depending on the manufacturer.

So you see, in the end it depends what you want to draw on and how you want to use the ABT PROs for drawing. Try out the different papers to find the right one for you. #itscomplicated