Illustrate bubbles

For World Bubble Day, we’ll show you how, how to illustrate these colorful.

World Bubble Day takes place once again on 5 October. No-one quite knows how it became a holiday. The assumption is that it came into being as a result of a Facebook event in 2012 and has been celebrated every year since.
The idea behind the first World Bubble Day is to celebrate peaceful coexistence. The bubbles symbolise love, peace, hope and carry our wishes to heaven. Whether a real holiday or invented Facebook event: we think this original idea is worth celebrating...and we also of course love bubbles.
Instead of letting bubbles rise into the sky, Melanie Robinet from Süßholz Design will show you how to illustrate them using the alcohol-based ABT PRO markers.


You will need these materials:

This is how to create colourful bubbles using ABT PRO markers: 

Step 1: 

Use the pipette to distribute drops of alcohol on the Yupo paper as a basis for the bubbles.

Step 2:

Now create splashes of colour on the paper by forcefully pulling off the lid of the brush tip end of the ABT PRO several times and spraying paint over the edge of the lid onto the paper.

Spread the different colours on the alcohol drops.

Warning: Alcohol marker ink is very difficult and even impossible to remove. Protect your clothes and your surroundings.


Step 3: 

Now dip the metal end of the straw into the alcohol and guide it in a small circular movement over each circle.

The colour will dissolve again.

Use the handkerchief to remove the paint residues from the drinking straw.

Step 4:

You can clean up the circles from the inside using the ABT PRO Blender.

The ABT PRO N00 Blender contains no colour pigments and is therefore used to lighten other colours.

Step 5:

Strip the blender on a piece of paper to clean the tip.                       


Step 6: 

Once the work is dry, you can use the Fudenosuke or MONO drawing pen to letter or illustrate it. 

Have fun – and stay creative !

About the author


- Melanie Robinet

Melanie Robinet is equally at home with illustrating or lettering and also knows how to combine the two. In her mostly colourful works, she uses various artistic techniques from classic drawing and watercolour to high and low pressure. 

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