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You always wanted to start handlettering, but the offer overwhelms you and the instructions all seem too difficult? Don't worry! We have summarized all the information and free materials on one page.

What actually is handlettering?

Handlettering finds its origin in calligraphy. It is the art of beautiful writing. Handlettering is becoming increasingly popular as a way to slow down your everyday life and create individual postcards and gifts for your loved ones. In handlettering, there is no right or wrong, but you look for your own style. There are endless variations and styles. All information about the right material, paper and the different lettering styles can be found here:




Handlettering alphabets

Before you start drawing the individual letters, a simple warm-up and some basic exercises are important, especially for brush lettering. Use our template and the blank exercise sheet to repeat the exercises over and over again.


What are the most important must-have pens for a handlettering beginner?

Learn from the pros: Together with handlettering artist Tanja Cappell aka Frau Hölle (@frauhoelle) , we've put together two beginner sets for handlettering. The Handlettering Set Beginner is for a basic set and the Handlettering Set Advanced, if you want to bring some color into the game.

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The best two pens to start handlettering as a beginner are the ABT Dual Brush Pens or Fudenosuke Brush Pens. To make it even easier to get started, we have special templates for you to familiarize yourself with the pens.

Looking for lettering inspiration?

You already have the basics down and are now looking for inspiration for sayings and individual words? Then check out our free lettering templates.

Free Lettering Templates

The handlettering fever has caught you and you want to perfect your letterings even further?

Check out our magazine and discover handlettering sayings, templates and many more tips and tricks!