Fudenosuke Trilogy


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Fudenosuke Trilogy set, 3 pcs.

Are you just discovering the world of sketching or brush lettering for yourself? In this case Fudenosuke Trilogy Set is just right for you. The Fudenosuke brush pen is perfect for calligraphy, hand lettering, sketching and more. The small elastic tip allows a better control over stroke widths and lines, making the Fudenosuke the ideal pen for you if you're just starting out. Due to the water-based pigment you will achieve color-intensive results. You can choose between a hard and soft tip to adapt your style and explore new techniques. The gray Fudenosuke is ideal for creating shadows in lettering or sketches, adding depth to your artwork.

The set includes three different Fudenosuke brush pen:

  • Fudenosuke soft tip, black.
  • Fudenosuke hard tip, black
  • Fudenosuke color hard tip, grey
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