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Writing set consisting of mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen. In 4 trendy smokey colors

In a world increasingly dominated by digital communication, the exclusive bundle of the MONO graph Lite mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen reminds us how valuable and personal the written word can be. With its choice of three trendy smokey colors and classic black and white, this set is not only a guarantee for precision and comfort, but also a real eye-catcher on any desk.

The MONO graph Lite mechanical pencil impresses with its 4 mm long metal tip, which, together with the 0.5 mm lead, enables exceptionally precise lines to be drawn. Whether for detailed drawing or careful writing, the clear and clean lines will take your work to a new level. This precision is complemented by an ergonomically designed grip, which guarantees comfortable and fatigue-free work even during long sessions. With the MONO eraser on the back, you can easily correct every line.

At the same time, the MONO graph Lite ballpoint pen with its slim needle tip and 0.5 mm refill and blue oil-based ink offers a writing experience that is both smooth and precise. The ergonomic design and the ribbed surface of the grip area ensure a secure hold, making the pen ideal for extensive writing tasks and creative projects.

  • Available in 3 elegant smokey colors and classic black and white
  • 0.5 mm lead and 0.5 mm ball diameter
  • Perfect grip
  • Oil-based blue ink and refill with HB strength

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