MONO 100 6B


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  • Hardness: 6B
  • Art.-No.: MONO-100-6B

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Top quality pencil with superb varnish finish, available in 17 degrees of hardness. Offers unusual contrast due to extra dark, high density graphite lead.

The MONO 100 is a Pencil of highest quality. Due to his dark graphite with high density it provides a most intensive contrast. Coated in a fine black varnish. Available in 17 degrees of hardness: 9H - 6H (extreme hard): for special purpose like Litho work, 5H - 3H (very hard): for technical detail drawing, 2H-H (hard): for geometric and technical drawing, HB - H (medium): writing and linear drawing, B - 3B (soft): free-hand-drawing and writing, 4B - 6B (very soft): usage mainly in arts.
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