Create a “From the heart” greetings card

Find out how to make a greetings card from the heart for weddings, birthdays or other celebrations.

A homemade greetings card comes from the heart and expresses your appreciation. Especially if it has been created using the heart stamp from HeinDesign. HeinDesign has been developing its own stamps for over 30 years and is therefore a true expert in this area. The artists from HeinDesign inspire us time and again with their creative ideas. Learn how to make a card like this yourself here:

That's how you do it:

Step 1: Make your own folding card

At 250g/m², Tombow Bristol Paper is ideal for creating greetings cards. Cut a 29.7 cm long (long side of the A4 block) and 15 cm high strip out of the paper and fold it in the middle. This will give you the square shape of the card.

Schritt 2: Graphite Primer

Stroke a pencil several times over the sandpaper from the Etching Technique creative set. At 300 grit, it is particularly fine. It will produce fine graphite dust. Then take up this graphite using the sponge.

Tip: Softer pencils contain more graphite and less clay. Learn more about pencils here.

Step 3: Design background

Place the square stencil in the middle of the card and rub the sponge gently over it to create a light grey background.

Then lay the “Many Hearts” stencil on top and apply more graphite.

Be careful: Don’t let the grey get too dark.

Step 4: Stamp hearts

You can stamp further hearts in the middle of the grey surface using the heart motif and black ColorBox Archival Dye Ink stamp pads. Leave the stamped motifs to dry for a little while.

Step 5: Grey becomes white

You can then erase the stamped hearts using the MONO zero precision eraser. The thin tip is suited to particularly precise erasing on small surfaces.

Step 6: Colour splotches

Colour in two hearts in the middle of the motif using the red Tombow Dual Brush Pen. The flexible brush tip enables the line thickness to be varied using different amounts of pressure.

About the author


The company HeinDesign been creating high-quality stamps ever since 1987. In addition to its own designs, HeinDesign also produces motifs under license for the American firm Judi-Kins. In 1992, HeinDesign established Stempel-Mekka in Hagen, which has since become the biggest stamp trade fair in Europe.

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