Are you curious about the possibilities that are open to you with the Fudenosuke Pastel for black paper? We'll show you everything that's possible.

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Trendy colors

The Fudenouske pastel shades are available in five trendy pastel colors + white.



Fantastic chalk look

A special highlight is not only the 5 trendy pastel shades, but also the white tone. On black paper, this makes for a unique chalk look. In combination with the rest of the colors, you have a variety of ways to create great cards for gift giving.




On white, colored or black paper

You decide on which paper you will create your artwork with the Fudenosuke Pastel for black paper. The Fudenosuke adapts to you.



Magic effect

Water-based pigment ink with a magical effect: the color appears only a few seconds after application on dark paper. You literally watch as your artwork shines.


The Fudenosuke is perfect for lettering, sketchnotes and bullet journaling. Let yourself be inspired by what you can create with the Fudenosuke Pastel for black paper.