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Bright notes that catch the eye and stay in your head – with the Creative Study Kit you have everything you need for that. Because believe it or not: With these pens, you have the power of twenty different tips combined.

What contains the Tombow Creative Study Kit?


Reporter 4

We all know that one student who always carries only one pencil. This person has probably never heard of Reporter 4, because with our Reporter 4 he even has 4 pens in one. The Reporter 4 has color leads in blue, red, black and green. It not only looks cool with its transparent design and in its 4 colors, no, it's even comfortable to hold, thanks to different shaped push buttons you can even select the colors just by pressing buttons - very handy if you want to quickly switch between several colors in the hectic. In the case that a color should be empty, you can also buy the refills individually.

MONO edge

A pencil case like this fills up pretty quickly. Especially highlighters with square design quickly take up a lot of space. Fortunately, our MONO edge highlighters are in a practical pen shape and fit ideally into any pencil case. With its two tips - the wedge tip and fineliner tip - it is not only very innovative, but also varied. With the fine round tip, you can add smaller colored notes. Plus, the two tips are encased in a protective plastic sleeve. This keeps your ruler or a stencil clean when you use it to mark or underline. The quick-drying ink means your markings won't smudge. The MONO edge is available in six different colors.


With our TwinTone you have a felt pen and fineliner in one. You want to enhance your materials with beautiful doodles? Our TwinTone with two tips (0.8mm + 0.3mm) is ideal for drawing lines of different widths. The included tones of the TwinTone and MONO edge inks are perfectly matched in the Creative Study Kit. The MONO edge ink is less opaque. So you can create your notes with the TwinTones and color them with the MONO edge. The TwinTone is available in 36 bright colors.

How do I get the most out of my notes?

There are different ways to create notes, but we want to introduce you to the Cornell method here:

What is the Cornell Method?

In the Cornell method, you divide your sheet into 4 sections:

  • Headline
  • Core questions/key terms
  • Notes
  • Summary

The Cornell method is excellent for taking notes in seminars, meetings, or long lectures.

Area 1: Headline

Create headings with the subject, date, etc.

Area 2: Notes

With our Reporter 4 you write down your notes as usual. Try to limit yourself to the most important things. You can also try to create doodles with our TwinTones to capture the most important things.

Area 3: Key questions/key points

Shortly after the event, you write down unanswered questions and important key points again. In order to be able to filter out more quickly which points go on the left side, it is advisable to mark important points with the MONO edge while writing down the notes.

Area 4: Summary

Finally, write down a short summary with the most important points. This is helpful if you haven't covered the material for a while, to get back into the subject more quickly and to retain it in the long term.

How do my notes get a wow effect?

With the Cornell Method, we've shown you how to effectively create your notes.
But how can you embellish your notes to motivate yourself to study as well? With our Creative Study Kit you can also create beautiful headlines by writing with the included pens. To do this, simply take one of the included MONO edge pens and prewrite the heading with the wide chisel tip. Then you write the word again with the TwinTone. There are different versions, so there are no limits to your creativity.

What else can I do to structure myself better?

The Creative Study Kit is also ideal for getting started with bullet journaling. A bullet journal is a self-designed calendar diary with thematically structured entries. Want to know more? We'll explain what it's all about here.

What are some other must-haves for college/school or work?

When making mistakes is fun

You made a mistake and want to fix it as soon as possible? Our correction rollers won't let you down. Whether you roll sideways or down the middle, they're sturdy, durable, refillable, and won't clump.

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Still missing the right pencil?

With our cool MONO graph you can easily make technical drawings. With a strong swing of the wrist, the pencil lead slips out and is ready for use. If you make a mistake, that's no problem either, because the Mono graph is equipped with a replaceable eraser.

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How about our eraser?

You're tired of erasing holes in your paper. Our MONO erasers really only erase what they are supposed to

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Sticky hands were yesterday

Gluing can also be done differently! With our practical glue rollers you can glue easily - without annoying smearing and dripping!

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Not in the mood for boring headlines?

The Fudenosuke Brush Pen is wonderful for beautiful headlines with its elastic brush tip. Available in different colors and tips .

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