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Tombow DIY project: Give-away bags

Tombow DIY project: Give-away bags
3 years ago No comments

We saved the best DIY project for last. Kids love packed give-away-bags, which are handed out at children’s birthday parties. Are you looking for something different than the usual plastic bags with a knight or princesses printed on? By using crafting paper bags and just a small amount of crafting materials you can easily create individual bags, which will please all the party guests.


  • Maxi Power Tape [go to product]
  • Flüssigkleber Multi Talent [go to product]
  • ABT Dual Brush Pens [go to product]
  • Craftingpaper bags
  • ABC-stamps
  • Motive-stamps
  • Textile ribbons
  • Embellishments, i.e. balloons
  • Small wooden clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Water and und kitchen paper to clean the stamps


Step 1

First stamp the bag with the children’s name. Therefore, colour your ABC-stamps with the brush-tip of the ABT Dual Brush Pens. Remember to clean the stamp with a wet paper before applying a new colour.

Step 2

Proceed the same way as in step 1 for further stamp motives to spice up your individual bag design.

Step 3

Now attach a ribbon of your choice at the top or bottom of the bag to add a nice accent. The Maxi Power Tape with its dry glue tape is especially suitable for gluing the ribbon on the bag– no dripping and nothing shines through the ribbon.

Step 4

To glue embellishments made out of metal or plastic, like small balloons, the Multi Talent comes in very handy. This liquid glue has a fine and wide tip for precise gluing and wide application.

Step 5

For the final finish, decorate the bag utilizing a small wooden clothespin with an attached small balloon. For applying the balloon, use the Multi Talent.

Now fill up the bags and close them with the clothespin. Have fun giving out the bags.