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Multi-function pen with a simple yet elegant design and satin surface. Combines three functions in one streamlined body: One black and one red pen refill and a mechanical pencil lead.


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  • €34.00

    Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Multi-function pen in an elegant, pure design. Its soft surface makes it extremely pleasant to hold due to the transitions between the separate shaft sections. multi-function pen with three cartridges: a black and red ballpoint cartridge (0,7 mm), a propelling pencil cartridge (0,5 mm). Simply use the small icons to select the function you wish and press the special button. Extraordinarily lightweight - only 19 g including the cartridges. Available in four colours. refillable. cartrige: BR-VS-33 (black), BR-VS-25 (red).

Click here for detailed refill-instructions.

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    • SB-TZLA-10P

      Multi-function pen, ZOOM L102 display, 10 pcs. bulk (2 x SB-TZLA06, 3 x SB-TZLA44, 2 x SB-TZLA62, 3 x SB-TZLA83), display dimensions (h/w/d) 255 mm x 126 mm x 86 mm