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Just open it and get started – the creative set for your watercoloring artworks at an attractive price. Only available for a short time.

The Have Fun @ Home Watercoloring Set contains everything you need to make your own watercoloring artworks. Thanks to the various colors and brush shapes, there are no limits to your creativity.
Included products:
7x watercolourable brush pen Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen with two tips. The fine tip (line width approx. 0.8 mm) is used wherever exact lines are required. The second tip is a flexible brush tip. The line width varies depending on the pressure exerted and is up to approx. 10 mm. The colours can be mixed with each other and can be painted with wonderful colour gradients.
1x ABT-055, -277, -555, -565, -673, -725, -N15
2x Refillable Water Brush (empty) for painting with the water-based paints of the ABT Dual Brush Pens
with fine and medium tip
1x Fineliner MONO drawing pen for precise line drawings with a stroke width of 03 (approx. 0.35 mm). Due to the long metal nib the fineliner is convenient for utilizing templates and rulers. Pigment- and  waterbased ink. Colour: black.
1x Mechanical pencil MONO graph: MONO graph with 4-mm metal nib enables precise drawing and less lead breakage. Perfect for drawing with ruler or templates. With innovative "Shake"-mechanism: By shaking the pencil, the lead is advanced. Or the lead can be activated by pressing down the clip. Include HB lead.
1x Eraser MONO dust CATCH: MONO dust CATCH collects its own residues: Due to a special polymer formula small eraser bits stick to the eraser and do not remain on the paper. This enables an especially clean erasing and avoids that drawings are unintendendly damaged by eraser residues.
1x Blending palette for mixing and picking up the water-based paints of the ABT Dual Brush Pens
1 watercolor pad: The watercolor pad in size 24 x 32 cm is cream white and satinized, making it particularly gentle on the brush tips of the ABT Dual Brush Pens. Thanks to its double-sided gluing, the paper remains free of ripples after applying water. Acid-free, lightfast and age-resistant. 15 sheets
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