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Just open it and get started – the creative set for your lettering artworks at an attractive price. Only available for a short time.

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or a lettering professional: Thanks to the large selection of various pens and colors, you can try out different lettering styles with the Have Fun @ Home Set. With the various brush tip sizes of the ABT Dual Brush Pens and Fudenosukes, there are no limits to your creativity. #stay home & #becreative!
Included products:
7x watercolourable brush pen Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen with two tips. The fine tip (line width approx. 0.8 mm) is used wherever exact lines are required. The second tip is a flexible brush tip. The line width varies depending on the pressure exerted and is up to approx. 10 mm. The colours can be mixed with each other and can be painted with wonderful colour gradients.
(1x ABT-025, -291, -346, -373, -723, -N00, -N15)
5x Fudenosuke brush pens: The brush tip is available in two degrees of hardness. The hard tip makes it easier to control the stroke width and is ideal for delicate letterings and decorations. The soft tip offers feather-light dynamics. Thanks to the pigment-based ink, you can easily decorate dried watercolor backgrounds with a saying.
(1x WS-BH, WS-BH15, 22, 49, WS-BS)
1x MONO twin marker: The MONO twin marker combines two tips (0.8 mm and 0.4 mm) for maximum flexibility. Thanks to its oil-based ink, it’s waterproof and can be used on various materials, such as glass, stone, wood, and much more. This makes it particularly suitable for labeling, marking, and drawing contours. When coloring, the MONO twin marker can be painted over with no need to wait and no blurring. Ideal in combination with the bright colors of the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens. Ink color: black. Recycling ratio over 60% of the gross weight.
1x Mechanical pencil MONO graph: MONO graph with 4-mm metal nib enables precise drawing and less lead breakage. Perfect for drawing with ruler or templates. With innovative "Shake"-mechanism: By shaking the pencil, the lead is advanced. Or the lead can be activated by pressing down the clip. Include HB lead.
1x Eraser MONO dust CATCH: MONO dust CATCH collects its own residues: Due to a special polymer formula small eraser bits stick to the eraser and do not remain on the paper. This enables an especially clean erasing and avoids that drawings are unintendendly damaged by eraser residues.
1x DIN A4 Bristol drawing pad: The smooth paper of the Bristol block is particularly suitable for sensitive brush tips, such as the one found on the ABT Dual Brush Pens. The bright white paper lets the colors shine and is particularly suitable for scanning in your works of art. Thanks to its weight of 250g/m² and high opacity (lack of transparency), it is particularly suitable for creating special works of art or folded cards. It can be used for dry and liquid drawing media such as water-based brush pens, alcohol-based markers, fineliners, as well as graphite and colored pencils. The paper is acid-free and can withstand heavy erasing.
Are you a beginner and don’t know where to start? You can find hand lettering guides and further inspiration here:

Fudenosuke Worksheet

ABT Dual Brush Worksheet



Die Qualität der Stifte ist gut, allerdings bin ich über das Packaging etwas enttäuscht. Die Stifte fliegen leider lose im Karton rum, hier wäre es schön gewesen, wenn wie auch bei anderen Paketen, die Stifte eingepackt wären. Ansonsten super, dass gutes Papier dabei ist - so kann man direkt loslegen.

From Sarah Klein on 27.01.2021





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