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This glue roller is a little different with its amusing design, fresh colours and innovative slide mechanism. To use it, just push the top part forwards; when closed again, the adhesive tape is well protected.


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The extra small Glue Tape PN-SLS fits perfectly even into small bags. Open the tape by pushing the upper part foward - now it has the perfect length for any application. By closing it again, it fits nicely everywhere you need it to fit and thus it is protected against dirt. The Glue is dispensend via a tear-proof PET-tape. Therefore the tape can be used to the very last millimetre. Perfect product for school, office and hobby. The glue tape is a strong, clean adhesive for paper, photos, cardboard and much more. Awarded the red dot design award 2012. Available in four limited colours. Tape: 8.4 mm x 8 m.

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    • PN-SLS-60P-2

      Glue tape PN-SLS Limited Edition display, 60 pcs. blister (10x PN-SLS54, 10x PN-SLS61, 10x PN-SLS83, 10x PN-SLS92, 10x two random colours), display dimensions (h/w/d) 345 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm