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Wedding plan

Wedding plan
2 years ago No comments

2 – 6 months before the wedding

Your wedding should be the best day of your life. Ideally you would have six months to plan your wedding or, better still, 12 months. It is especially important to settle on the basic criteria first of all: What type of wedding? Big or small? Civil ceremony or church wedding? What is the budget?

6 months before the wedding

During this time, you can start going into more detail. Find a good photographer that knows what kind of pictures you want. You can also start deciding on the catering and flowers. And then the search begins for the right dress.

You also have to start thinking about who you’d like to invite. The minutes checklist can help you to keep track of all this.

4–5 months before the wedding

If you know who you’re going to invite, you should now be sending save-the-date cards out.

Now that the basics are out of the way, you can organise the finer details. You should also be thinking about the honeymoon about now.

3 months before

You should now send out your invitations and organise table cards and menu cards – i.e. print materials. Can you dance? Maybe some lessons would be a good idea – even if just a refresher course.

1–2 months

And now the critical phase begins! You must test out the beauty programme in advance. Whatever lovely ideas you have for the perfect hair-do, you should always test them out beforehand. Not every hair is suitable for every hair-do. And the seating plan often takes more time (and effort) than you thought.

Final leg

In the last two weeks before the wedding, a thousand little things often still have to be arranged. Make sure you involve your best men/bridesmaids, parents and friends in the wedding plans.

On the day of the wedding

It will all be fine! Got the rings? That’s the most important thing! And remember: if something goes wrong, it doesn’t matter, at least you’ll have a funny story to tell in years to come!