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Mothersday DIY tulips

Mothersday DIY tulips
2 years ago No comments

Anyone can buy flowers, so why not try making your own? Just use the step-by-step guide to create beautiful paper tulips from the lovely Katharina (alias Leelah loves) to make mum happy! (http://leelahloves.de/)

What you need:

  • Construction paper in green and pastel colours
  • Green crepe paper
  • Tombow Maxi Power Tape [go to product]
  • Tombow Mono liquid glue [go to product]
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

How it works:

Step 1

Cut a strip measuring 5 x 30 cm from the construction paper. Then stick some Maxi Power Tape on and roll it up diagonally to make a 0.5-cm stem.

Step 2

Make a petal template from the construction paper. Draw four petals per tulip and cut them out.

Step 3

Snip the petals to just below the middle and use a few drops of Mono liquid glue to hold their shape in place.

Step 4

Now stick the petals to the stem with Mono liquid glue in such a way that two petals are always opposite each other.

Step 5

Cut a strip around 1 cm wide from the crepe paper and stick them around the roots of the petals.

Step 6

Cut leaves out of the construction paper in the same shape as the petals and stick them on the stem.

Tadaaaa, this is how the final product looks :)