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Relaxing mandalas

Relaxing mandalas
1 years ago No comments

We’ve all been there – as soon as we’ve got nothing to do, we pick up our smartphones and start texting or surfing. But there are so many more relaxing things we could do. For example: Letting our thoughts wander, watch birds (or people, clouds, leaves in the wind...), hum a song or: draw mandalas. We will show you today how you can make your own mandalas with just a few materials – and without a compass!


MONO twin permanent marker [go to product]

White paper

Round objects (e.g. glass, bottle top, coins ...)


Use your equipment to draw circles. If you need more circles, just draw them yourself within the outlines of the other circles. Don’t worry if they look a bit wobbly – a mandala doesn’t need to be perfect, the effect is the important thing!

Then simply fill each section with another pattern. What’s important is that the pattern is the same within two lines. Here your creativity knows no bounds!

Just try it out, clear your head and enjoy the wonderfully relaxing effect of mandalas!