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Tombow DIY project: Garden lanterns

Tombow DIY project: Garden lanterns
3 years ago No comments

The invitation is out, the barbecue is bought and the beverages are cool; you are just missing the fitting garden decoration? Fear not, we tell you how to transform your garden in an atmospheric environment; Simply craft a couple of paper lanterns and hang them on trees and bushes in your garden.


  • Maxi Power Tape [go to product]
  • Patterned paper (i.e. for a large lantern 26 cm x 30 cm)
  • Transparent paper
  • Ribbons
  • Wire
  • Ruler
  • Pencil (i.e. MONO graph)
  • Hole puncher


Step 1

Cut the paper to meet the dimensions of 26 cm x 30 cm (if you want a smaller lantern, simply adjust the size) and fold the short side of the paper once.

Step 2

Draw lines with a space of 1,5 cm between them using a ruler and a pencil. The lines need to start at the closed (folded) side of the paper. Leave a space of roughly 3 cm between the end of the lines and the open border of the paper. After that, cut the lines accordingly.

Step 3

Open the paper and roll it by folding the two edges together as shown on the picture. Apply the glue tape of the Maxi Power Tape at the edge of the paper and stick both layers together.

Step 4

Cut a piece of transparent paper, which fits the dimensions (height: same as lantern, width: volume of lantern plus 1 cm). Glue the paper together so it looks like a pipe. The Maxi Power Tape with its transparent glue tape is highly suitable for this task.

Step 5

Put the pipe-shaped transparent paper into the lantern und attach it utilizing the Maxi Power Tape at the top and at the bottom. Now you can add ribbons at the edges of the lantern if you wish to do so.

Step 6

Use a hole puncher to create holes, where you can hook the wire. Now, simply hang the lanterns anywhere in your garden for a nice atmosphere.

Hint: If you add LED lights the lantern creates a warm, romantic light in the environment.