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Crafting a colourful bunting

Crafting a colourful bunting
3 years ago No comments

Summertime is time to party! And some colourful decoration is a must for every celebration. With this paper bunting – that you can optionally embellish by gluing, stamping or drawing on it – you can easily create beautiful garden decoration for your party.


  • Ultra Strong Liquid Glue [shop product]
  • Maxi Power Tape [shop product]
  • Ultra Strong Liquid Glue (download here)
  • Unicoloured construction paper
  • Various multicoloured papers, scissors, hole punch, hole punch
  • Optionally: Ribbons, Stamps + ABT Dual Brush Pens [shop product], craft punch


Step 1
Print and cut out our template. Use the template to cut out the basic shape of the buntings from the construction paper.

Step 2
Now you can embellish the buntings as you like – either by gluing ribbons onto them, stamping or drawing on them. Best is a combination of different techniques – this way, you create an especially colourful and varied decoration. Maxi Power Tape is the perfect tool for gluing ribbons onto paper. Its adhesive is dry, which guarantees for a clean and easy application without dripping or glue shining through the ribbon.

Step 3
With your craft punch, punch motives out from the coloured papers and glue them onto the construction paper, using Ultra Strong Aqua Glue. This liquid glue is perfect for gluing both small details as well as larger parts due to its two tips.

Step 4
Make holes into all buntings by using a hole punch. Thread the buntings onto a cord. Finally, find the perfect place in your garden or on your balcony for your self-made party decoration.