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Birthday calendar

Birthday calendar
5 months ago No comments

Digitally? In a diary? No, we write down birthdays in our DIY calendar, which is not only practical, but also wonderfully decorative!

What you need:

  • Liquid glue Aqua [ to product]
  • Liquid glue Multi Talent [ to product]
  • ABT Dual Brush Pens [ to product]
  • Markers TwinTones [ to product]
  • Patterend paper
  • Greyboard or stiff coloured card
  • White cardboard
  • Gift ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to make it:

Step 1

Cut a piece of greyboard to a size of about 30 x 15 cm and glue coloured paper to it.

Step 2

Write the word “Birthdays” on white cardboard, then cut out some round pieces of coloured card and write the months on them. To make sure that the calendar can fit in every kitchen, it's probably best to write two months on one circle. Glue the word and circles onto the coloured cardboard.

Step 3

On the back side, stick colourful ribbons of about 40 cm in length under the circles and also stick on a ribbon for hanging the calendar. Then stick a piece of greyboard onto the back.

Step 4

Cut out circles from stiff paper and write birthdays on them.

Step 5

Stick the circles on the ribbons and glue some blank circles on too so you can add birthdays.