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Beach Sign

Beach Sign
11 months ago No comments

Off to the beach! Or sit on the balcony, the sandpit or the sun lounger. And the beach sign is a great decoration that brings holiday flair to your home whatever the occasion.


- Liquid Glue Aqua [go to product]
- MONO drawing pen [go to product]
- Wooden board approx. 15 x 25 cm
- Acrylic paint in white and turquoise
- Bird sand
- Brush
- Stapler
- a piece of rope, approx. 40 cm long


Step 1

First of all, paint the wooden board with the acrylic paint. Now paint the board white and then turquoise so that the colour looks irregular and faded.

Step 2

When the paint is dry, draw the word ‘BEACH’ in big letters with the MONO drawing pen and the words ‘to the’ in the middle of the arrow.

Step 3

In order to make the word ‘BEACH’ with sand, go over the letters with the Aqua. The fine tip allows you to work very precisely, but you shouldn’t be too economical otherwise the sand won’t stick everywhere.

Step 4

Then scatter the bird sand over it until all letters are completely covered. After a few minutes, hold the sign vertically and shake off the excess sand. You’ll be surprised how well the sand sticks to the wood!

Step 5

At the end, staple the rope onto the back of the wooden board so you can hang it up.