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Really trendy: Hand lettering

Really trendy: Hand lettering
3 years ago No comments

Rim Jawad is a hand lettering artist from Sweden. What started out as a hobby soon developed into passion and a strive to learn more and inspire others to do the same.

What raised your interest in hand lettering?

After discovering the work of seasoned hand lettering artists I instantly fell in love with it. Creating art with something as simple as letters, fascinated me from the very beginning. I tried other types of arts as well, but after I started hand lettering I told myself this is where my passion lies.

Is it hard for total beginners to learn hand lettering?

No, it all comes down to practice. And when you look around the social platforms, i.e. Instagram you find vibrant communities who are eager to help and support you in any way that they can. If you have a lettering related question, just go online and ask, you’ll probably make a new friend as well.

There are also online classes out there, where you can learn and study hand lettering. In my opinion, just practice with the pens and tools you purchase and you will develop a lot of skills. Learn the techniques from more experienced artists and find inspiration. If you dedicate yourself to it and allow for daily practice, you will witness quick improvements.

What is, in your opinion, the most challenging thing about hand lettering?

Some days you feel ultra creative – no matter what you letter or what you draw, it comes out really nice. Then you also have days where you feel no matter how hard you try it’s not coming out the way you imagine it. So the most challenging thing for me personally is when you try to create a piece and it doesn't really come out the way you initially imagined it. That can be a bit discouraging. When you hit such a stage, just take a break, do something else and come back to it later with renewed motivation...

Do you use a special technique in your artworks?

I like to start out with a pencil, use the same phrase and sketch it out in different designs. Once I find one design that I’m happy with I’ll start working on the actual piece. I usually recommend others to do the same. Keep sketching with a pencil until you find something that really attracts you and your type of personality. Without even noticing it you will develop your own style. Find inspiration from other lettering friends and artists.

What would you consider your most successful artwork?

That’s a difficult question! Every artwork I choose to share on my social media platform feels like the most successful at the time. But as you progress and develop your skills you will of course look back at older work and notice all the imperfections. I think it’s important to appreciate those pieces anyway because they’re a part of your journey too, even though you’d change it completely if given the chance.

How long does it take you to create and finish an artwork?

It could take anything from 5 minutes to an hour. I start with a pencil sketch first. Sometimes you don’t like the first draft, you erase and re-draw parts. You have to appreciate the fact that it sometimes takes time.

When you use your artworks do you use special tools?

A ruler. When I draw, I’m so focused on my lettering which makes it hard for me to keep track of following a straight line. That’s why I always have to have a ruler next to me. Sometimes I draw a straight line first with a light pencil and sometimes I just hold the ruler on the paper further down from where I’m writing to guide my hand.

How did you get hooked up with our products?

On Instagram I followed a lot of people who use the ABTs pens, so they were the first brush pens I purchased. I love that they have two tips and can be used in many ways and for different styles. I appreciate the variety of colours and that the colours blend and create amazing colour effects. Another great thing about these pens is their use as watercolors; it’s been great being able to incorporate aquarelles with my lettering.

What are your tips for lettering enthusiasts out there?

I started lettering just seven months ago. The first pens I started brush lettering with were the Tombow ABTs and I’m still using them. They’re very beginner friendly. I want to encourage everyone who’s interested to start their hand lettering journey right away. If you just dedicate a couple of minutes a day you will see great results in a short period of time. Remember to have fun with it, learn as you go and teach what you know.

Do you want to reach out to Rim? Connect to her on her Instagram profile

This article is part of our new blog-series "BE INSPIRED", where creative individuals share experiences about drawing, sketching and also give usefull tips.

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