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Fruity glass cover

Fruity glass cover
9 months ago No comments

How about a garden party with a trendy tropical look? With our fruity glass covers you can easily make your own matching (and practical) decorations.

What you need:

  • Aqua Liquid Glue [go to product]
  • ABT Dual Brush Pen N15 (black) [go to product]
  • MONO 100 pencil [go to product]
  • Coloured card in various colours and white
  • Scissors
  • Compass
  • Ruler

How to make them:

Step 1

Use a compass to draw circles on your coloured card that are a little bigger than your drinking glasses.

Step 2

Watermelon motif:

Cut three different sized circles in green, white and red. The green circle should be the largest, the white one a little smaller and the red one a little smaller still.

Orange/lemon motif:

Cut two circles in white and orange (or yellow for the lemon); the orange one should be slightly smaller than the white one. Also cut two leaves out of green coloured card. Divide the orange circle into pieces like a cake using a ruler and pencil, cut out the pieces and round off the corners a little.

Step 3

Watermelon motif :

Glue the three circles together using the Aqua liquid glue.

Orange/lemon motif:

Using the Aqua Glue, stick five of the pieces of cake onto the glass coaster and stick the the petal leaves to the edge.

Step 4

Use the scissors to cut a hole in the middle of the glass cover and enlarge it e.g. usingthe handle of a brush until a straw fits through.

Step 5

Watermelon motif:

Finally, paint melon seeds onto the glass cover using the black ABT Dual Brush Pen.