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DIY Folder

DIY Folder
1 years ago No comments

Does this sound familiar? Cards, bits of paper, photos, to-do lists and your children’s artwork constantly seem to multiply and distribute themselves all around the house. What can you get rid of? What must you keep? This wonderful concertina folder will help sort the wheat from the chaff.

What you need:

How to make it:

Step 1

Cut a piece of greyboard measuring 35.5 cm × 23 cm. Using the Maxi Power Tape, stick it onto a piece of patterned paper that overlaps the greyboard by approx. 5 cm on all sides.

Step 2

Cut off the edges of the paper at an angle and use the Maxi Power Tape to stick them to the cardboard. Next, fold the cover to create a 2.5 cm wide spine in the centre (fold at 16.5 cm and 19 cm).

Step 3

To make a concertina folder, you need eight pockets. For each pocket, cut a piece of coloured card measuring 25 cm × 32 cm. Fold the card in half and make a 1 cm cut at the fold on the left and right.

Step 4

Fold the 1 cm wide strip inwards and stick the card together using Agua liquid glue to make a pocket.

Step 5

Cut seven rectangles measuring 6 cm × 10 cm out of coloured card and fold them in half. These strips are then used to join the individual pockets using Aqua.

Step 6

Finally, the pockets are stuck into the cover. To do this, coat the cover with Aqua and press the pockets firmly together.