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Carp windsocks

 Carp windsocks
1 years ago No comments

Children’s Day is celebrated on 5 May in Japan. Windsocks in the shape of carp – known as ‘koinobori’ – are an essential part of the celebrations. On Children’s Day, these streamers flutter in the breeze outside homes, with one fish representing each member of the family. Hanging up these carp windsocks is a long-standing tradition which has changed as Japanese society has evolved. Originally a custom for each family’s sons, the banners now honour girls and boys alike.

Koi carp are associated with characteristics such as energy and determination in Japan. In the same way as this powerful fish swims against the current, the streamers face into the wind, symbolising the strength and stamina which parents hope their children will have.

Now, creative blogger Katharina has come up with a DIY project that will allow you to recreate this wonderful tradition. Why not try it out? Perhaps there will soon be colourful fish flying in the breeze for your family too!

What you need:

  • Liquid Aqua Glue [go to product]
  • Brush Pen Fudenosuke [go to product]
  • Empty toilet rolls
  • Colourful tissue paper
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • Circle craft punch (approx. 2 cm diameter)
  • Thread
  • Needle

How to make it:

Step 1
Fold the tissue paper several times and cut out circles using the craft punch. Alternatively, you can cut out circles with a pair of scissors. Make sure you always cut through several layers to save time.
Step 2
Use Aqua Liquid Glue to stick the tissue paper circles onto the toilet roll so that they look like scales. First, glue two circles next to one another so that they overlap slightly, then stick a third circle on so that its top edge is lined up with the point where the two other circles meet. Stick on enough circles to cover the whole toilet roll. Glue the paper which hangs over the edge to the inside of the roll.
Step 3
Cut two round eyes out of the white card, draw on pupils with a black pen and stick them onto the fish. Use thin strips of colourful tissue paper for the koinobori’s tail fin, gluing them securely to the inside of the toilet roll.
Step 4
Finally, attach a thread to the top of the fish to hang it up.