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4in1: Compact ballpoint pen with black, blue, green and red ink. With its mini-dimensions and fresh colours, it's a true eye-catcher in any pencil case.


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4 in 1: "Four ballpoint pens in one" with black, blue, red and green coloured leads. Due to its differently shaped push-buttons the ink colour can be changed by feeling the buttons. The compact size makes it fit into small bags, diaries, calendars etc. Highly flexible spring loaded feather clip. Available in 6 colours. Ball diameter: 0,7 mm. Refillable. Refills: BR-SF33 (black), 15 (blue), 25 (red), 07 (green).

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    • BC-FSRC-24P

      4-colour ballpoint pen Reporter 4 compact display, 24 pcs. bulk (4 x BC-FSRC43, 4 x BC-FSRC53, 4 x BC-FSRC54, 4 x BC-FSRC63, 4 x BC-FSRC83, 4 x BC-FSRC92), display dimensions (h/w/d) 410 mm x 185 mm x 215 mm

    • BC-FSRC-24P-BS

      Verkaufsdisplay: Reporter 4 Compact Inhalt: 24 Stück lose. Je 4 Stück BC-FSRC43, BC-FSRC53, BC-FSRC54, BC-FSRC63, BCFSRC83, BC-FSRC92