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ZOOM 101


Lightweight retractable ballpoint pen: Writing instruments from the Carbon Collection weigh only around 15 g. The ultra-modern materials, carbon and duralium, make a great impression in the timeless design.


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  • €118.00

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Easy and lightweight writing with the ZOOM 101. Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint pen only have a weight of 14.5 grams – including its refill! The secret behind: The body consists of 100% Carbon and the silver-colored parts are made of Duralumin, an extremely light and durable Aluminium. These two ultra modern materials form a remarkable combination together with the timeless and purist design of the ZOOM 101. Rollerball pen with high quality ink: dries in seconds, does not soak through and does not fade. Fountain pen available in fine, medium and broad nib widths. All writing instruments are refillable.

Click here for detailed refill-instructions.

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    • BR_ZLM

      Refill for ballpoint pen, ball-diameter 0,7 mm, blue, i.e. suitable for ballpoint pen ZOOM 101