ZOOM 707

  • Ballpoint Pens
  • Mechanical Pencils










  • Barrel and tip: Laquered Brass
  • Clip: Tool Steel
  • Grip part and knob: Black rubber

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Surely THE all-time classic in the sector of design-oriented writing instruments.

Developed 1987 by Tombow, this Collection is still one of the favorites. It is popular and has won numerous design prizes awarded by the leading German institutions for good industrial design and outstanding function. The ZOOM 707 has a strikingly slender shape – probably the thinnest in the world – in which the entire ballpoint an propelling pencil mechanism has room to function perfectly. It lies firmly in the hand, suitable for taking notes as well as writing long letters. Whether in a gentleman´s pocket, or a lady´s handbag, in the appointment diary or the PDA – the ZOOM 707 fits where ever there is little space.

Two version, four colors

The ZOOM 707 is available as ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil. Both versions are available in four timeless color combinations. And they are also available in four different double-packs.

Awarded design

red dot design center stuttgart design plusFor its outstanding product design the ZOOM 707 was awarded with the red dot design award and the iF product design award. In 1990 an award from the Design Centrum Stuttgart followed.