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Glue pen

With the glue pen PT-WPC gluing is as easy as writing. Sits like a pen in the hand. Its liquid glue can be applied precisely. With the line width of 1 mm, a pinpoint gluing of small details is possible.

For versatile …

PT-WPC is a versatile product. Its strong and transparent glue glues (almost) everything onto paper and cardboard: metal, plastics, powder, felt and much other material.

… and artistic gluing

Beautiful effects can easily be created with the glue pen and some glitter powder: Simply draw some pattern or writing with the glue pen and sprinkle it with glitter powder. The glue is also perfect for embossing!

Clean and safe

The glue of PT-WPC is acid-free and photo safe. The glue pen allows a clean and easy gluing without squeezing, dripping or smearing.


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